• That physicians have a unique responsibility for the health of society, derived from their ancient duty to protect life and preserve health.
  • That Medicine cannot be insular, self-seeking, self- protective / defensive but must be an integral part of a caring society.
  • That social and economic factors are important determinants of health, and that current global trends point to impending environmental degradation which will threaten human health and survival.
  • That the advancing frontiers of medicine and the values of our modern technological age present unprecedented ethical and moral dilemmas for physicians.
  • And that modern technological medicine and rising public expectations contribute to escalating health care costs.


DECLARES its commitment to the highest possible professional and ethical standards of health care,

EMBRACES the principles of social justice and compassion for all and enjoins all physicians to be sensitive and responsive to the health needs of all,

RECOGNISES its educational role in influencing health policies in the community, including the prevention of disease, promotion of healthy lifestyles, protection of the environment and personal responsibility for health,

REAFFIRMS the need for physicians to retain their autonomy and professional integrity with renewed ideals and ethics,

AND RESOLVES to make health care more rational, equitable and affordable, in a system compatible with equal access to quality health care, based on need,

SO THAT IT MAY STAND FIRM AND RESOLUTE in responding appropriately to the challenges ahead and in fulfilling its responsibilities to the medical profession and society.